Weighed in the Balances

I would like to make a suggestion to you. When we as CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS become so macho that we cannot bring ourselves to rub our precious wife's tired feet and or aching back (especially after they have put in a hard day in the behalf of the family) then we as caring husbands have left the state of manhood to become simply a " male species ". When we feel that we have reached the state of being above doing something sacrificial in the behalf of our wife, then we have left serious doubt as to the legitimacy and maturity level of our masculinity. Though much of the time we are all to willing to accommodate her if there are something in it for us. The two key words here, we need to look at are (self and sacrifice.) America has gone to destruction over the meaning of these two words, in fact one could safely say the world has suffered eternal loss. America and the world seem to teeter totter between self indulgence and the sacrificing of others. I ask you: Whose fault is it? Please read (Daniel 5:27).

Sometime back I was reading an article covering a meeting that had taken place in Italy. This meeting was composed of lawyers, academicians, criminologists, and clergymen. They held a mock trial, in the murder case of Cain slaying Abel. Their verdict was.....Cain was found " not guilty ". He was innocent due to the following circumstances.
  1. He was a sibling rivalry.
  2. He was in a crisis of faith.
  3. He was experiencing the trauma of rejection.
We hear of these watered down excuses across America today, echoing the same reverberating excuses for the sin against mankind as the judicial systems turn a deaf ear to the victims of sacrifice on the behalf of self indulgence of others. The decency of mankind seems to have given way to the watered down liberal anything goes, across this great land of AMERICA today. The judicial system has lost it's desire to see God fearing true justice, passed upon the guilty. Attorneys being paid the high dollars to twist, distort and cover the truth {all in the name of justice} Sadly this same concept has been passed down to the homes across America of today. Dad and mom, as well as children not being held accountable, for their wrong. Though don't be mistaken, our Father God has his own account book, and he keeps balanced books perfect. Men, dads how about it, are we willing to get our families account straightened up?

Will you as the PRIEST of your home, be willing to put everything in check and balances to bring the total.....family into harmony?

Copyright 2000 CHA