1. To create and bring forth a Godly love to every home, a Godly love to every home, administered through the husband.
  2. To undergird the homes of this nation with the Word of God, thus strengthening this nation as it was founded on Godly principles.
  3. To break the sin curse, of the existing generation of each husband and wife, to stop the torment and pain to the third and fourth generations. see (Exodus 20:4-5)
  4. To right the wrong that has been inflicted upon the wife and children, and bring forth healing to the family unit.
  5. To ensure the divorce rate will decrease from the staggering rate that it now is. "This is an insult, especially the christian families."
  6. To help keep the children off of the streets and to give them a reason to want to stay home.
  7. To teach husbands the spiritual headship principles of leading his family, given to him in the Word of God.
  8. To teach and to help the husbands understand the inherent fundamentals of proper love for their wife.