This is the question that has to be dealt with and a decision must be made in every walk of life, in this confrontational question, to be or not to be.

The man, the Husband, the Father, has to face and make a decision whether he will, or will not be a {CHRISTIAN} HUSBAND.
We can be a man, we can be a husband, we can be a father, but in order to be a CHRISTIAN HUSBAND, there are some demanding and necessary mandates in which we must be willing to surrender to and make part of our very soul and spirit. This we cannot escape if we are determined to be a CHRISTIAN HUSBAND.

America and men of churchiosity slumber today, is so steeped in tradition they have no bedrock assurance of spiritual truth concerning their eternal salvation.
People across the Americas and around the world this very day, have the idea if they sit in the pews, hear the news and pay their dues, they are eternally saved from the pending wrath of Almighty God. They do this while ignoring the fact that God returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge this world of it's putrid sin.

Matthew 10:28 tells us we are to have a healthy respect for the one which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell, but as this world turns on it's axis, it seems that Satan has most of the world's respect. Sadly, churches are filled today, with various congregations of various denominations large or small being lulled to sleep and slumber by milk toast watered down sermonets in the meeting places of clubhouse religiosity.
This type of ceremonial religion is taking place across America and around the world today at a greater pace than any other time in history of mankind.

True enough, there has always been this practice with us, but the influx of buying up time for living life today, has brought upon us shallow everything and deep nothing. Seemingly all that man is involved in must be surface skimmed or drive through. One has no time or tolerance for anything or anyone, unless of course it behooves one's self-centered motivation. This has filtered down, yes, and even into many "not all" of our pulpits of worship service. Sadly, across the land today many so called Pastors (supposed to be shepherds) has one thing in mind, gittin in, serving with the minimum amount of effort for a livable wage and easing into a retirement of deminished effort.
They seem to want to attain the most for the least amount of toil. The opportunity of blessing has transformed into a mere occupation of mundane responsibility. Quite possibly it's associated with corporate down sizing. Sales reps, with specialized classic acts of self-promoting antics fill many of the stages. And we wonder why America today is going to hell in a hand basket.
Howbeit though, many filling the pulpits, "work hard" at mingling 90% of psychological and other mind control antics with 10% scriptural truth. It is no wonder today America is in total disagreement of just what the scriptures does convey. Sadly, the church today is suffering from a sin sick decease in which they have brought upon themselves. It is a degenerating infectious disease that is passed down to the third and the fourth generation.
Now obviously, this does not apply to all church movements or bodies. There are many Pastors out in the nation and around the world that have and are today, giving their all. There are many Shephards of yesteryear that have and many this year that are standing strong, toiling and sacrificing their all that they may win some. For these men of God we are eternally grateful. Read Jeremiah 3:15 "what a blessing".
The husbands of the past several generations have dropped the ball. As the head of the family goes, most often so goes the family. America's homes have literally come apart at the seams. When a male subject in the family unit, (acclaiming to be a Christian Husband) accepts the responsibility of a marriage relationship, they are responsible for the spiritual welfare of that family unit. This is an area where most husbands really drop the ball. They absolutely do not want to be responsible for such grave circumstances in their family's lives; after all we are talking about eternal consequences here. Why would a caring husband want to see the very best for their wife and children, not to mention their grandchildren's eternal destiny?

See Numbers 14:18 & Ex. 20:5. When will it stop?

Like it or not Christian Husbands, this family unit has been entrusted to you for their spiritual leading and God does hold you responsible for their spiritual welfare, I ask, how can he not?
If God holds us responsible for the warning of the wicked, and the undone, found in Ezekiel 3:18 telling us if we fail to warn the wicked, and they die in their sins, their blood will God require at our hands. He will hold us responsible for their loss of salvation, if we neglect the opportunity to tell them of a redeeming Saviour which can give them life eternal.
We as the watchmen & minister to our family cannot be any less responsible to our very own, than we can be toward another outside of the confines of the home. God continues in verse 19 telling us if we do warn the wicked and he turns not from his wickedness, that wicked one shall die in his sin, but we have delivered our soul from hell.
The third option is given in verse 21, if thou warn the wicked one and there is repentance thou hast delivered both souls. (Paraphrased)
Again I propose the question to you, how could we possibly be any less responsible to our own blood and family unit than we are to those outside of our immediate household? Indeed we are fully responsible to the woman we marry and to the children of that family unit, whether they are the blood born lineage or adopted children it makes no difference, we as the Christian Husband are responsible.

Which one of us reading this can foretell the time of anyone slipping of into an eternity? Can you tell me Dad, which one of your children will and when take that transformation from physical life to an eternal consequence of either eternal life or eternal death?
We are talking about time here. Time is of the essence. How can we gamble on time when it concerns the eternal destiny of one of our loved ones? Do you love your wife and children enough to care enough to be responsible? Maybe we ought to consider. Are we truly a Christian Husband? These are questions that we must make a decision on, they do demand an answer. We have no choice in the matter of facing these unceasing questions, if you fail to make a decision, a decision will be made for you and you will face the consequences. If you fail to make a decision and act on it, you have by omission, made an active decision.

The very first thing is to make sure you are a blood covered and redeemed child of God. We need to know beyond a doubt that we have been born from above.
As previously stated, the churches of this day and age are full of ear tickling devices and extemporaneous, hyped up activity, loaded with get on the band wagon and have a good time.
There is no improvising when it comes to teaching the Word of God. The Word is learned chapter by chapter and verse by verse, not by jump'n jacks, repetitive courses, dinner, shopping and resting before the next session.

I know it says to make a (joyful noise) unto the Lord, Psalms 66:1, but there is no doubt, the Holy Spirit does not orchestrate a lot of this drum beaten worldly mumbo jumbo.
The Lord does want us to be built up in our most Holy Faith, not to be psyched up in our most active state. See Colossians 2:6-10

Before we can be built up though we must be sure: of the Gospel of Christ. We must realize there is a hell to shun a Heaven to gain and a God to serve.

The Gospel pure and simple:
  1. All have sinned; we have all fallen short of the standards or the mark of Christ. Romans 5:12
  2. Jesus the Christ has power over all flesh, and that he will give eternal life to as many as God hast given him, (to as many as will receive him as Lord and Saviour) John 17:2-3

  3. For all of the fulness of the Godhead bodily dwells in him (Jesus Christ) and we are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. (We do not need any more heeby jeeby stuff to complete.)
  4. We are to live for His honor and for his Glory in all that we do, say, or think. The works are now, for the Glory of God, the works that we do, (after attaining salvation through faith and by His grace alone) Matthew 5:16
We need to study to show thyself approved. 2nd Timothy 2:15 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. Even when we study his Word that we may share with others is pleasing unto our Lord God. And one day the Lord will return, every knee will bow to him, either as Lord and Saviour or as judge, I ask you, which will it be for you, will you bow before him as Saviour and Lord or as the one who judges your neglect in serving him?

If you are a Husband or one who has never made a commitment, quite possibly you have made a thoughtful decision to receive him as Lord and Master, but have never made a genuine commitment, why not receive Him as Lord and Master right now? Simply ask him to be the Lord and Saviour of your life; believe upon Him as being the Son of God, see John 1:12.

Dad if you are not a committed CHRISTIAN HUSBAND, now is your opportune time to make that definite decision; of (TO BE OR NOT TO BE) The Lord awaits you decision....

As you read this, make it your prayer, read it from the depths of your soul with sincere commitment. Make a decision to surrender all to Him.

Lord, your Word tells us that we have all sinned and fell short of the mark, and that we are all in need of a Saviour.
I myself am undone and in need of a Saviour. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he was crucified, buried and rose again the third day just as your Word declares.
I ask you to make your abode in my heart Jesus and that you would forgive me of all my sins, past present and future. I ask you that you would be my advocate before the throne of mercy as you stand before God on my behalf. I accept the atoning Blood sacrifice you made on Calvary's hill. I accept you as my Lord and Savior.
I now claim my citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and my eternal kinship to God as His child,
I do all of these things and give you all of the praise and all of the Glory in the name of Jesus forever more Amen and amen.

If you have made this commitment as being born from above or as a renewal of your Love for him, please don't hesitate in sharing the Good News with another loved one; they will be happy and celebrate His eternal Love with you. May God Bless your newfound relationship with Him forevermore, is my prayer for you, in Jesus name. Amen.


In no way am I slamming the worship of God in a Spirit filled manor, I know there are more times than not that one is truly led by His Spirit when one is truly in Christ and Christ in them.
What I am against is: psycho hyped up activity strictly being manifested by fleshly driven efforts to mimic the presence of a living God.
As David danced in the spirit and as God admonishes us to make a joyful noise on various instruments, so can and should we to His honor and to His Glory, and that not of the flesh.

Copyright 2001 CHA