Sin can enter into the picture of one’s life in the most unseemingly and the most deceptive of circumstances. One cannot ignore the ever prevailing destructive force of this enemy of the home. It can bud or burst forth from most any situation, from the most well meaning and seemingly so of situations to the most relentless, and obstinate all out attack upon another individual with devastating intent. We as Christian Husbands must be as a vigilant watchdog against this intruder of our lives and our homes.

One type of sin is the sin of omission. Meaning to fail, or neglect to do something required; God didn’t waste any time in his Word with this word require, go to Genesis 9:5. Men......neglecting to be responsive to one of the most helpful scriptures in the Word of God is performing the sin of omission. I believe that when we neglect to do as the scripture found in the book of Second Timothy, chapter two verse 15 (11 Timothy2:15) we are in fact found in the sin of omission. I do know this, that when one omits the Word of God from his life, when one is neglectful of feeding his spirit upon the manna that God offers to us through his Word, he is purposefully sending his spirit and soul into malnutrition. Most often an under nourished “sum of any life” has very little or no resistance to fight off anything that comes along. I ask us as Men of God : ( How can we possibly be informed and filled with His Word if we do not heed the encouragement of God ) found in 11 Tim.2:15? There are I’m sure many instances where we each as men can think of, where we have been or are guilty of being neglectful in preparing our hearts for spiritual warfare. We need to study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, being able to rightly divide, to recognize and to understand the Word of God. As I have above stated, there are many areas of omission: such as:

Being unconcerned about your wife and children’s spiritual welfare. “ Dad, their blood will be required at your hands, you (are) responsible and will be held accountable for the neglect of, and the sin of omission by the very act of failing to be the priest of the family in which God has blessed you with. This is a (sin) of omission. Dad, do not neglect the responsibility to take your family to the sanctuary, (the local church) on the weekly day or days of worship. Our families need peoples of like faith fellowship. “Bend a twig early”. We as social creatures need that oneness to bolster and edify one another, our children need that relationship with other children adhering to the ways of Jesus and enjoying their life as they learn to love the presence and the ways of God in their life.

I suppose we could sum up the sin of omission by the Scripture found in James 4:17......” Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”
This sin of omission carries “as all sin does” eternal consequences. It is perhaps the sin that brings the most sadness in one’s life. This sin robs us of precious time that we as husbands take for granted. We have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the day that we give no thought for the morrow. This sin besets us from being all to our family that we could be and all that God means for us to be. Neglecting to buy up the time ....causes us to lose on God’s dividends. I know from looking back on days gone by in my own life, there’s times I do not remember being involved with my daughters during specific times and instances in their lives. We as well meaning Christian Husbands being the priest of the family get so heavy laden with our own personal desires, that we forget to and neglect to meet the needs of our wife and children. {Matthew 11:28} Then as we look back on the years, wondering just what went wrong, we can’t help but to say, “ if only “. the time to change your approach to this destructive habit of neglecting your responsibility as a spiritually involved husband and father, not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW...TODAY.

Another type of sin we want to look at, is the sin of commission, or perpetration:
When one commits this type of sin, they are going into it with full intent and eyes wide open, knowing full well it is against all standards of the Word of God. And yet we think that God will bless our dastardly deeds, or at the least not giving any forethought to the consequences of our actions. Then we act so naive and innocent of any wrong doing. This is when God takes us to the wood shed for our thrashing, to bring us back into fellowship with him. There is always “as with any sin a price to pay”. Which brings to mind that verse in a song, “ sin will take you farther than you want to go, sin will keep you longer than you want to stay, and sin will cost you far more than you want to pay. These, though they were written in a song, are true words.

Most often if in fact if not always ..the Holy Spirit prompts us against committing this type of sin. {To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, unto him it is accounted as sin.} James 4:17 any time we sin it is of our own free will with the capability of complete understanding the results will be costly, God tells us very clear “the wages of sin is DEATH.” Romans 6:23. This could be the death of a relationship, the death of integrity and trust, or the death of anything that has life. Sin is a destroyer.

There is another description of sin, simply.....” The transgression of the law “

1st John 3:4...Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law

This type of sin is most noted in the 10 commandments. Yet we as husbands so easily break these almost without ceasing on a daily basis within the confines of our household. I am not advocating we actively and purposefully break most of them daily, but we gloss over our little white covered activities. I suppose this would be an area where we each as fathers and husbands need to take inventory.

The transgression of the law takes into play our experience in the everyday work of life. Wherever we are at, what ever we are doing the loving law of God must be observed. This rings especially true of our homes. If we will not observe and obey these laws that are written for our benefit and good in the home, what chance do we have in being obedient out of love .. anywhere? In order to avoid being redundant, I will sum it up by saying: sin is anything in our lives which does not express, or which is contrary to the character of a Holy and living God.

Husbands, let’s each one take a good look at our daily living within the confines of our homes, let’s rid our homes of any sin that is destroying the family unit. Let us each take a personal inventory of our living before God on the behalf of our wife and children. This is perhaps the hardest hurdle we will have to overcome to have a contented, successful and happy home, and this will be especially hard for those husbands with a mixed marriage family, but by the love and mercy of God it can be done. Let us not short change our family........or ourselves.

The decision and consequences are yours...................

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