Can there be such a thing, is there such a fact, do you have the stuff to be one?  The Word of our Lord God demands this very thing from every Husband.  It is not a request, it is not a suggestion, it is not an option, and it is however, a command.  We can find this very truth in the book of Ephesians 5:25 and in Colossians 3:19.  Such love as this, found especially in Eph, will not only help a Husband to live at peace with his wife, but also will keep a husband from being so self centered and seeking self-satisfaction.   A husband such as this, “self seeking” at times becomes obstinate and at times perverse in their selfish lifestyle.  We are to love “with the same equivalence of loyalty” our wives, as Christ loved the church, the church noted as the body of Christ.  Christ manifested this type of love both in the everyday life as well as in His atoning or sacrificial death.


                                           TRUTH IS A HEALING POWER


Most husbands may find this a hard pill to swallow, and medication for the spirit in which they want no part of, but believe you me … (it is written).  Little does a man know,

that if they have stepped up to the task of being called a Godly husband, they are required by the highest law in the land, chiefly known as the “Word of God” to be just exactly that, sacrificial.    Now this may come as a surprise to some husbands, and old hat to others, however, the truth must be revealed. Are you as a Husband, sacrificial to your wife, and children?  Are you committed to being all to your wife that you can possibly be in accordance with the written Word of a Holy and just God?  Only you can make that a reality in your life.  Only you will receive your eternal just rewards, being condemnation or blessings from the hand of God.  However, we must bear in mind it will be one, or the other.  This is a reality in life, which most men learn of too little too late.  The price tag is often extremely high for the lack of knowledge pertaining to this fact of the marriage ceremony.  Men often  stumble bumble  through the early years of the marriage relationship gleaning all they can for their own desires, most often being [self centered ] driven, while all of the time  the marriage relationship erodes to the level of treading toleration, traversing the pitfalls and destructive crevices in the relationships.   Often time loosing their footing and experiencing a dangerous slide toward the bottom.  Most often “not always” can they reach out and snag a branch to stop the fall, usually by saying those two famous words?  “I promise”.  

 I do believe this is not the same “I promise of the Wedding Ceremony.”

How many times have we as loving husbands used this saving phrase, only to loose our footing one more time.  I can be candid and tell you, I for one had used my allotment up, of {I promises}.

Our wives soon grow weary of falling for this [time buying catch phrase.] 

Only when, we as husbands learn to walk the truly tried and proven pathway of sacrifice, can and will we traverse the dangerous pitfalls of the marriage journey with assurance.

We must, as the leader of the family unit lead our loved ones through the perils of life’s pathways.  However, “like any hero” we as the husband must lead in a sacrificial manner, in order to merit the honor of being the head and leader of the family in which God has blessed our lives.


As with any other circumstance and action, there are always reactions.  The husband that thinks he can mousy squeak by and not sacrifice any of his precious little petty desires, is the husband that is calling the wrath of the scripture down upon him, being chiefly the scripture THAT: IT IS BETTER TO DWELL IN THE WILDERNESS THAN WITH





We might per chance find this a little humorous, however we need to but take a serious look at this similarity of having an unhappy wife.  Many men set in prison this very day, many homes have been destroyed, and millions of children’s lives have been devastated all because of a man not being a caring and sacrificial husband.  Rather than being them selves sacrificial, they have sacrificed their wife and their God given children, then we as poor bewildered husbands wonder, “why are they so contentious. Husbands have turned their backs on their responsibilities as men of God, if they ever were to start with. Might I say if they were, “men of God” it is even more abominable in the eyes of God than it would have been if they were not.  The Word declares, to whom much is given much is expected.  How can we neglect the very truths of God, when we as men claim to know Him as our Lord God and Saviour?  When we as men or God fearing Husbands and Fathers turn our backs on our responsibilities as sacrificial Husbands, we are not only affecting our children of today, we also are playing a destructive part in our grandchildren’s lives of tomorrow.  More often than not we are setting the stage for a disastrous marriage for our children‘s spouses as they attempt to have a harmonious marriage ceremony.  What a serious responsibility we as caring husbands bear.


                                               IT WILL NOT HAPPEN


One would be hard pressed to treat any woman with thoughtlessness and with a non-caring attitude and expect to be looked up to in and for any circumstantial situation and reason.  Why pray tell me and how could any woman deem a thoughtless husband, being one who is non-sacrificial and self-driven, to be revered.  This is the mindset of one that takes his marriage partner or the marriage ceremony for granted or not taking into consideration her worthiness to his life as her loving husband.  How many times have you oft heard say,” he takes me for granted”.  He presumes all is well, even in the midst of his self centered life style.  Believe you me there are countless men that live this type of lifestyle.  It is me first possibly you later, and if there are any left over, then maybe the kids.  If we as men are honest in regards to this, we will recognize the areas where we are guilty and get the mess cleaned up.  If we do not, and then we are giving Satan real estate to build on, then we wonder when he moved in and who made him ruler of the household.


                                                       IN TRAINING


There are millions of children across America and around the world that are taking notes of living a self-centered lifestyle.  They are in training for being just like dear o’l dad, be it good or be it bad.  We as Dads need to take inventory of our tutoring expertise and deem just what type of students we are going to turn out, and how we are affecting their lives of tomorrow.   Like it or not Dad, we are teachers of our children foremost, as we lead them through the early years of life.

When we as Christian Husbands fail to live a sacrificial life toward our family, the wife most often becomes bewildered.  After a period of time they fall into a state of low self-esteem.  If this is not confronted or dealt with, despondency and then depression are just around the corner.  Our children see this and if they are not spiritually and physiologically apt, to understand this is not right, they will then assume and grow into thinking this is the way it is supposed to be.  At this time they have gained “learned sin traits.  Once a child has this trait, it will form the apex of their character manifestation in life as such. As it is with each individual, so it will be with each of our children.  All that they do and each situation they encounter will be met and handled with the exact characteristics in which you have instilled within them.

  We all know just how hard it is to change the characteristics of an individual.  Can only the love and the Grace of God do such a thing in completeness?  I say yes and amen to that question.

                                                     YOUR TURN


I will end this segment of THE SACRIFICIALHUSBAND, with this one question.

Will you be willing to step up to the challenge, of being a God loving and a God fearing sacrificial husband?  The decision is yours alone to make, as the results are sure to follow. 


Blessings on each man who reads this and takes it to heart, as he follows the precepts of the scripture.   God’s Word never returns unto him void.  Isaiah 55:11