When I became a MAN

1st. CORINTHIANS 13:11

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also We are not talking about toys here necessarily, however I firmly believe that there is a danger in grown up toys, especially for older boys, when it stands in the way of one truly becoming a Man of God.

The above scripture reads "when I became a MAN", I put away childish things. Many of male subjects that are in the cocoon of transformation from child to man are severely slowed down in the process of transforming to adulthood. As one looks around today it becomes harder and more difficult to glean the boys from toys and men from boys.

One can hardly on the spur of the moment in this day and age tell just which is which. Sadly enough the same holds true in our homes of today. Men still insist on being the boy they once were. Being afraid to make that transition from boy to man, they still desire to hold onto the childish things of yesteryear. Again note the above scripture, "I put away childish things".

As we CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS, MEN of GOD............learn to put away childish things, our thought process begins to change. We have a greater tendency to be more in tune with God and to follow his leading.

I have seen too many marriages destroyed, too many lives ruined, too many children thrown out to the dogs and too many innocent women crushed due to the fact of................. some of God's children noted as {MEN} have refused to put away their childish things. Our hearts manifest our spirit, or mirrors what is truly within our soul, those things that drives us as ."men".

Those things that control our flesh, most often controls our spirit. See Matthew 6:24. When we claim that we are a man of God, and refuse to let go of our childish ways and toys of yesteryear, we end up
  1. indecisive, ambivalent and(wishy-washy)
  2. half-heartedness (making us a half-wit)
  3. doubleminded,(creating doubtfulness)
  4. worldly (leading us to be neutral and mundane)
I would ask any man. How can one fitting the above criteria, be the priest of any home, leading their family in the way God would have them to be led. The man or husband that fits this standard, hardly sets a Godly standard for his family to follow. Most often the Christian Husband becomes loaded down with worldly care, thus neglecting the spiritual and eternal needs of his family.

I am in no way beseeching a man not to have an enjoyable recreation, such as boating, motorcycling, snowmobiling, and etc:, this we need and can use as an escape from the stress and pressures of the work-a-day world in which we live. But I am exhorting and admonishing a husband and father not to make these things his priority in life. Romans 6:16....Know ye not that to whom (and may I add....what) ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether sin unto death, or obedience unto righteousness.

This can hold try to most aspects of life, such as our jobs, our social life, our hobbies, or anything that takes our eyes off of God and steals our quality time that we need to spend in his Word and with our family as we tend to the duties pertaining to the responsibilities of our household and home. One has frequently heard said, " He or I am a slave to that ..........(you fill in the blank). This includes being a slave to anything and everything that is not near and dear to us such as our family and loved ones are. Once again, where our treasures are, there will be our heart also.

We have only one .......go around in this ol' world, in which God has given us (through and by his Grace) What ......may I ask will you do with it? Are you more concerned with eternal values for your family, or are you concerned with the dirty down and now things of this world.? Our priorities regarding each and every aspect of all circumstances within ones life, must be set and standardized in the light of the background of eternal values. Men, we cannot afford to be playing little selfish, (self centered) games with our families eternal future.

If you are a Christian Husband, God has appointed unto you the position as leader and priest of your family unit, to be an example to and for, to lead or guide, to protect against the harmful things of this world, and to provide spiritual security, love and training for those whom God has entrust to you.

It is a decision that each man must make, no decision is a decision


Copyright 2000 CHA