We as Christian Husbands of America, cannot have a successful and God centered home by happen chance, no more than you can have a accurate Swiss watch by shaking it until it comes together. A home that brings contentment, success, and God given happiness must be worked at by using the oracles and principles based upon the Word of God. There are formulas and systems one must pursue and follow. There are principles, laws and conditions that we as Christian men and husbands must seek and be in pursuit of. We must acquire them and make them a part of our very demeanor. Obviously and without question the biggest enemy of the homes of AMERICA is the three lettered word S-I-N. Notice the I in the middle of the word sin. If one was to take the letter i out, there would be no such word. Sin is a destructive force that must be confronted with a full all out attack. As we know from the Word of God, the wages of sin is ...death. Now this could mean the death of anything, but the ultimate death is the loss of ones eternal soul. {see Romans 6:23} Of course we know there are many other things subject to life and death, such as relationships, or anything subject to deterioration. I believe what we are concerned about in the light of the family are the relationships to one another and most importantly the one to one relationship that we have as individuals to our Lord and Saviour. This is the area that we must guard with all diligence. The bud of sin lies dormant in the most innocent of situations just waiting to be nourished to fullness of life. (see James 1:15) Speaking in regards to the desire and lust of the flesh. As I have already indicated we need to run to the roar and face it down, when sin rears its ugly head. The longer we as Husbands and dads wait to see just how bad a situation can get before we deal with it, the greater the destructive force a sinful situation becomes, and most assuredly will destroy anything within its path, save standing on the Word of God. One cannot come against this enemy of mankind in the flesh, in the imaginativeness, and illusions of ones mind, but sin must be dealt with head on based on the Word of God and the deadly blow to sin must be delivered via the Holy Spirit. We as Godly and Christian husbands must be willing with all fervor to protect our family against this death delivering enemy...called sin.

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