††††††††††††††††††††††††††† INEED AN ARMY OF MEN

COPYRIGHT 1990 Christian Husbands of America LjP


This army needs to be comprised of CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS that love their family and country.†† Men that thank God for their God given freedom and who are not afraid to in holy boldness proclaim the name of Jesus and His righteousness.


  1. Men who will protect their family with and by the Word of God.
  2. Men that will lead their family with by and under His ďGodísĒ written word.
  3. Men that will put God first in their lives in all situations.
  4. Men that will pray for their brothers in Christ.
  5. Men that will assist a fallen brother in their time of need.
  6. Men that will in unity serve God in the capacity in which God has blessed them.
  7. Men that will reach out to the unsaved world.


If you are this type of man, and want to belong to an army of men serving God, please enlist by following these steps.


  1. Pray about your decision for 7 days.
  2. Talk to your wife about it and have her to pray for your decision also.
  3. Talk to your Pastor and pray with him about it.
  4. Talk to another brother in Christ and ask him to pray for your decision.
  5. Consider the commitment you would be making.
  6. Make it a conviction and not a preference.
  7. Pray about taking that final step and enlist.



A.     To unite Christian men to take a stand against the horrid movements of America.

B.     To have a support system for individual homes of America

C.     To win souls for Christ on a man to man basis

D.     To have retreats for Christian Husbands alone / and with wives simultaneously

E.      To have a UNITED VOICE as Men of God in politics and legislative actions

F.      To be accountable to other Godly men in their support groups

G.     To encourage Husbands during their times of temptations and adversity.+



H.     To have periodical workshops in maintaining Godly leadership as a Husband. And to encourage husbands to be the priest of their households on a daily basis.


I do realize there are other menís movements in the country.However I am not asking merely for promises, I am asking that we as men be committed...to the task of Godly living.Why do I say task, because it takes work and to do a job right... one must be committed.God commissions us as men to be determined to do right and execute nothing short of the nature of His divine nature.


We as men have a predisposition to be a flash in the pan.We look like we are going to fire, we have all of the intentions and properties to do it with, but somehow the powder flashes and the ammunition never leaves the barrel.We start out with great intentions and fuzzy feelings of excitement and anticipation, but then Satan sends the devourer after us as individuals, and the eagerness grows dimmer daily until there are no light left to move by.I know beyond a doubt that we as men need a support system in order to maintain a superior zeal and walk with the Lord. United we can make a better stand; and there is more force in a united army with a definite and positive spiritual direction This country of America has been and is being overrun with sin laden movements, and seemingly we as Christian men shake our heads and grumble into the next day living the same oíl way.I firmly believe that goodness and righteousness can be spread at the same rate as sin, if it is lived out consistently in our homes.There is an opportunity to live daily a life for the glory of God, but we as men have grown accustom to blend in with the world about us rather than taking a stand of moral and spiritual integrity.††


I am most definitely not interested in churchiosity programs and church rooted doctrines that divide the stand of men from the Word of God. I am interested in seeing a movement of men that stand on the veracity and principles of the Holy Word of God first on the behalf of their families and the society of the United States.


This is a newly founded movement, though I started or originated the idea of it in 1991, almost the same time the other menís movement took root. I was one man only that had no monies, education, or impressive titles to attract others to join me in this effort. Since that time:I have written a seminar for husbands and a book to compliment the seminar.Now I am taking this step to form a movement of men with sincerity of intent to take a stand as a Christian Husband of America.We need affiliates to join in for the founding of this association. Will you be one of them?

If you are interested, please reply with your Testimony desire and intentions to the address at the bottom of the page.

†† COPYRIGHT 1990 Christian Husbands of America LjP