"In His Image: The Christian Husband"

"The Image of Christ"

Another attorney receives a phone call; it is yet another woman on the other end of the phone. This is the third time today an appointment has been made in regards to divorce procedures. America is heavy-laden in the divorce courts.

Papers are drawn up in the fury of haste and anger. Most often, it is a one-sided decision from being provoked to the point of action by the other marriage partner. Sadly, and most often, the woman pushes for the marriage to be dissolved. This, most of the time, is a derivation from breakdown in communication. If we, as husbands would be a better communicator, a better example, leader, protector, and provider, I truly believe the divorce rate would practically be dissolved. I am not in any way stating that the husband is totally to blame, but I am advocating that we as men can do more than we have in the past to deter the dissolution of the marriage ceremony.

With compelling direction and evidence from the Scripture, I suggest to you that a marriage does not have to be dissolved, if the man and the woman would make Jesus Christ the center and the cornerstone of their marriage institution. Of course, it is never a one-sided problem, it always has and always will take two to agree upon a solution to any problem. Both the man and the woman must work with the same objective in mind: to save the marriage without destroying the family unit. It is entirely possible for this to be accomplished. Throughout this writing, I have placed the burden on the man as the appointed priest or headship of the home or household. This position as a leader demands serious responsibility and produces disastrous consequences if one approaches his liability as such in a lukewarm, halfhearted manner. I am certain beyond a doubt that one will "most often" reap the rewards of the relationship in the same degree in which he as sown.

I trust and pray that each man who reads this book, will read it in hopes to glean truth and direction from the Scripture on which it is based. My prayer is that broken homes and hearts will be healed and children's lives will become affected for the betterment down through the third and fouth generation, because a father cared enough. May God bless you in your journeys as a Christian husband as you stand firm on the written Word on the behalf of your family.

author-- Lee J. Polston

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