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Have you ever wondered why so many Christian marriages
seem so frustrated, why so many Christian marriages
seem to end up on the rocks? Have you ever wondered
why so many Christian marriages seem to lack God given
spiritual morals?

CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS OF AMERICA was founded to identify,
confront, deal with, and to assist Christian Husbands
across America to correct these destructive immoral
monstrous issues that are literally destroying the homes
across America, thus destroying AMERICA.

As we searched for answers, we found the root cause to
be the same as it was in the Garden of Eden. Adam did
not do what he had the authority, power and obligation
to do as Eve's husband and keeper of the Garden,
their home.....

As time progressed, we have drifted further and further
from the truths and principles set in motion by The
Spoken Word of God.

In a time when nearly 50% of Christian marriages end in
divorce, there has been born an organization that says
(ENOUGH IS ENOUGH)! It is time to restore what the
sinful and destructive cankerworm has destroyed.

CHRISTIAN HUSBANDS of AMERICA has been established to
turn the tide in the Christian and non-Christian homes alike


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